Visitor's Rules

Please observe the following items when visiting or worshipping at Nanzo-in Temple.

Prohibited items

- Eating or drinking while walking around

- Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages

- Talking in a loud voice, making noise, and other such behavior that disturbs others

- Use of selfie sticks, stabilizers, or similar items

- Exposure of tattoos

- Visits wearing highly revealing apparel (hot pants, very short mini skirts, camisoles, etc.)

Please note that fabric for covering overly exposed areas is sold at the store in JR Kido Nanzoin-mae Station.


Visits for the purpose of taking photographs, shooting motion videos, etc. require permission. Contact the temple to obtain such permission in advance.

If you wish to visit in a group, please be sure to contact us in advance. Permission to visit is required.

Apart from the above cases, please be forewarned that the temple may refuse entry to, or request leaving by, people who behave in ways that are improper for visiting, or who do not heed, obey, or agree to the rules and cautions of the temple.


1035, Sasaguri, Kasuyagun Sasagurimachi, Fukuoka

811-2405 Japan

TEL .092-947-7195(9:00-16:30)